About the buro.net

Andrew Macaulay-Brook, sole web designer at the buro.net in Bath.

Well, me to be accurate. I'm sole proprietor of the buro.net and I find other sole traders and small businesses often prefer that to dealing with faceless agencies.

Cover for clients is arranged in case I go away or get knocked down by a bus.

My Credentials

I've been working with the Web since 1995, constantly updating my knowledge as technology has changed. I also have a BEng in Computer Science and am a Chartered IT Professional and Member of the British Computer Society, serving on the committee of the Society's Internet Specialist Group.

An Ethical Business

I pay suppliers promptly, use fair trade, recycled and local goods whenever possible, and minimise waste, including carbon. All carbon emissions are offset with The World Land Trust and as soon as feasible hosting will be moved to completely renewable energy.

Apart from the web server, all my electricity is supplied by Ecotricity who put all of the money I pay back into new wind farms. Changing to electricity from a supplier who is committed to developing new renewables is easy and yet has one of the largest impacts on your own carbon foorprint.

Supporting Local Water.

It takes 5 litres of water to manufacture the 1 litre plastic bottle that your mineral water comes in. The developed world spends more money on bottled water than is needed to secure clean water for those in the world without it. The quality of our tap water is enviable, so why not Support Local Water ?


Bath Business Group

is a supportive group for professional business owners in Bath. As far as I'm aware it's the only such group in the area that's run by its membership on a not for profit basis. If, like me, you work alone from home then the Group is ideal for exchanging ideas and is well worth joining if you run your own small business.